Youtube Ads

People spend more time on YouTube than on tv in this day and age. Cost per impression is usually the amount paid when an ad is viewed till the end. We place video discovery ads and in-stream ads that play before the video on YouTube. A video must be 12 seconds to 6 minutes long to place a skippable ad.

We build video campaigns and run standard promotional commercials by creating videos with a story for the viewers. With Google Ads, we can collect data on an ad’s completed views, partial views, if the video leads to a channel subscription, click-through rates, views obtained from a user sharing the video and views on the brand’s other videos. This attributes guide us in placing the ad investment at the right place.

Amplifi webmasters are adept at creating pre-roll ads that are 12-15 sec long and unskippable. New products are the right fit for pre-roll ads to create sign-ups for your business. Bumper ads last for 6 sec and are the most efficient as they play before the video that the user selected to play.