Hosting & Maintenance

Hosting a website is necessary to make it available to all users. Hosting and Maintenance of a website allows the website to provide uninterrupted services. Hosting your website includes storing the files and user database of your website at our reliable server system. Amplifi provides hosting for your website on our robust and reliable server system. We guarantee high download speed of your website.

Any business generates huge chunk of data with useful information. The generated data will be processed to extract findings, trends and other information critical for your business. We provide Data processing tools as per requirement and the processed data is used to target audience.

We ensure that the hardware, software and network updates are done actively for your website. We create the necessary content management for your website. Maintenance of your website will be done by adding and deleting new products/pages/images, updating special offers, changing dates or redesigning of the website with our web designers. Backup for the data is very important . We offer systems to store your data in multiple copies.