Search Engine Marketing

Adwords/PPC: Pay per click is a way of buying the users to your website instead of earning them. We place ads in the sponsored links on your websites. We target users with the keywords they have searched to place relevant ads that generate traffic for your website.

Google Display Network: Google Display Network spans more than 2 million websites. We use GDN to manage placements of ads on websites that are most relevant to your business audience. We create text ads, image ads and video ads for your website to reach the target audience.

YouTube Advertising: We place ads of all formats in YouTube for greater capture of users.

Conversion Tracking we offer conversion tracking for your website and assist your business with customer interaction such as signing up for a newsletter, called your business or downloaded your app using the Google Analytics tool.

Call Tracking We offer call tracking service and offer a callback support on the website to engage the users.

Remarketing is used to keep your past visitors engaged in completing the whole circle of engagement. We cookie your users and keep them engaged with topics to create a pool of trusted customers for your website.

Reporting: We report the actions performed by a user on your websites by using advanced analytics tools.